Frequently Asked Questions

(aka Questions I’m Pretty Sure Some of You Will Have, or QIPSSOYWH)

PLEASE NOTE: These questions and answers are subject to change.

How can I tell if a print has been hand-signed?

Look for a date on or around the signature. I date all the pieces when I sign them.

I really want a hand-signed print, but didn’t get it at the art show. Can I get it another way?

If you would like a hand-signed print, please contact me for details.

Do you offer any limited-edition prints?

At the moment, I do not. However, I do have plans to create limited-edition prints  down the road.

How the heck do you paint into the computer?

I use a Wacom Bamboo digital tablet and pen to draw directly into Photoshop. It’s a great tool, and not terribly expensive. I would definitely recommend it for someone just getting into digital painting.

Do you manipulate photographs, or do you start from scratch?

Unless otherwise specified in the piece’s description, I paint every piece from scratch, starting with the paint tool.