Artwork at the Del Mar Fair

I’m pleased to announce that two of my paintings, Steampunk Geisha  and Inspiration, made it to the finals at the Del Mar Fair’s competitive fine art exhibit. They will be on display through the end of the fair on July 5. I am honored to be included in the exhibit, and … Read more

Video: Making of “Story Time”

Sped up screen capture of me painting “Story Time,” which is the first piece in my cartoon drawing series “Single Mother of Dragons” based on Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons from Game of Thrones. I relied very heavily on the Photoshop pen tool for this piece, but I cut out a lot of that, since it’s just hours (or, sped up, minutes) of tweaking and re-tweaking the curves of the lines. I hope you enjoy!

The awesome music box soundtrack was created by Thiago Rodrigues, and the full version can be heard here: He’s done some cool music box renditions of other songs on his channel, which you can find here:

First Art Exhibit, Coming Wednesday, Jan 14

I am excited to announce that I will be the featured artist in the upcoming installment of the Survivor Art Series at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Hospital.   There will be an opening event on Wednesday, January 14 from 2:00-3:00pm, and I’ll be giving a talk from 2:15-2:30pm. Coffee and dessert … Read more

Video: Making of “Mother and Son”

I just launched a new YouTube channel devoted to visual art stuff. Here is the first video on the new channel. It is a screen capture of me painting “Mother and Son,” a fan art piece from the Game of Thrones series.

One of the biggest challenges on this painting came from the fact that this is not simply a recreation of a still from the show. That meant I had no direct photo references to work from. As you can see in the video, there is a lot of smudging, shifting, and repainting as I examined dozens of different photos to figure out exactly how the characters would look at this angle.

The video is 40 hours of painting sped up to around 4 minutes. Enjoy!

Gettin’ Crafty

Had a fun first day at the Whimsic Alley Craft Faire, and am looking forward to selling there again tomorrow. This is my first (of many) craft fairs. If you’re in the LA area tomorrow, stop by and say hello. If not, never fear! All the items I’m selling (mugs, greeting cards, … Read more

Couldn’t have put it better myself

Saw this on “Pain Train” comic, and just had to share! This latest Steampunk project I’m working on makes me feel like a hoarder… “Oh, hey, are you gonna use those old industrial stove parts sitting in your dumpster? No? Can I have them?!!”

New Technique

I picked up a new technique at an artist demo during Blizzcon a few months back, and have been very happy with it! I thought I would share the result: Step 1: Sketch Step 2: Fill in three color levels (shadow, medium tone, highlight) Step 3: Use the mixer brush … Read more